Give the happy couple a gift they will love and remember always!

bliss_registrySometimes a couple has everything before they tie the knot, sometimes you want to give them a gift that will have a lifetime memory.

They will remember their honeymoon their entire life, of course.

This is your opportunity to be a small part of this special time.

Giving a gift of any amount you choose towards the couple’s chosen honeymoon is easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  • Search for their name below, click Give Gift and fill out the details along with a personal message to the couple.

  • One of our staff will contact you to take your payment details over the phone.

  • The happy couple will receive your gift and your well wishes you left them.

It’s so easy – and couples love receiving your gift! 

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  • Joel Sellers and Allison Kinney Honeymoon

    Joel Sellers and Allison Kinney Honeymoon

    HONEYMOON COUPLE: Joel Sellers - Allison Kinney
    HONEYMOON PACKAGE: A Honeymoon to Remember
    WEDDING DATE: 09/28/2019
    HONEYMOON DATE: 09/30/2019
    MESSAGE: We Know its not traditional and not the way its done, but rather than a wedding list we'd love a bit of sun. So if you'd like to give a gift and send us on our way a donation to our honeymoon would really make our day. Love, Allison and Joel

  • Patrick Huffman and Theresa Schuler Honeymoon

    Patrick Huffman and Theresa Schuler Honeymoon

    HONEYMOON COUPLE: Patrick Huffman - Theresa Schuler
    HONEYMOON PACKAGE: Punta Cana Honeymoon
    WEDDING DATE: 11/09/2019
    HONEYMOON DATE: 11/16/2019
    MESSAGE: We cannot wait to start our life together and share our special day with you! In keeping with the tradition we have between us, we have opted to register for our honeymoon, and share the gift of memories. We started this tradition our first Christmas together, and since then we have created lasting memories traveling to different cities and towns. Thank you for making our dreams of an amazing honeymoon come true. We greatly appreciate it!

    Theresa and Patrick